Android: Dr01d

Androids are an archetype introduced in the "Block Gods" set. these cards are based around not needing "No Walls" to summon more but have serious consiquences when there destroyed.

Tips and TricksEdit

Not alot of side cards can help Androids too much, using "No Walls" is a terrible idea though. If anything, side cards you want to use are "No Limits" and "Galaxy Overload" to quickly swarm field.


  • The names in Androids are in an internet language called Leet speek (or 1337 5p34k) where some letters are replaced with Numbers or symbols. The numbers in there names also represent which one they are (Dr01d being #1) This kind of representation is also seen in the Numerical and Element Archetypes.
  • The original in development strategy Androids wouldv'e had were to be able to see into your opponents hand, but in the development stage, Doodle figured it would be too much hell to show your hand to your opponent each turn, that and Lackey didnt have a function for doing something like that.

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