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Anidoodle Nacdood

Anidoodle (Short for Animalific Doodles) is an archetype that were introduced in the "Block Gods" set and that Doodletones states: "is barely an Archetype because every card does the exact same thing":

"This card counts as both Creature and Doodle, this card gains offensive points and defensive points depending on position
Defense= Gain 10 Offensive points lose 10 Defensive points
Offense= Gain 10 Defensive points lose 10 offensive points"

Tips and TricksEdit

Anidoodles pretty much need as much help as they can get. playing "No Limits" and "No Walls" will drastically help them, any card that boosts offensive points to Doodles or Creatures (such as "Butter" or "Nactoog") can also prevent you from having to change there position every few turns.


  • Anidoodles are based on Animals such as Zerorush yelling DOOGAL!! being a Dog or Bundoo being a bunny.
  • Anidoodles are the first Archetype to have every card do the exact same thing, the second being the Colour archetype.

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