the Anti Archetype was introduced in the "More Random Cards" set. And like many other Archetypes like the Tech, Blocky, Roller Family, and Skillray Archetypes, the Anti archetype have a very destructive purpose - but unlike other destructive Archetypes, destruction is the only thing Antis can do, thus, making them a very vulnerable archetype seeing as though they are very reliant on going against a certain kind of deck.

Tips and TricksEdit

To keep from dying in a few turns always keep a draw engine in the deck, stuff like "Rejected Mortage", "Portal to Another Universe", and "Draw Power" can be benifitial to the deck.


  • Antis were originally going to be the Seldood Archetype, bus Doodletones decided against it because he already had plans for the Seldood Archetype - and he couldnt scrap the idea for Antis, so he threw them together as a last second killing Archetype. It can still be seen that they were supposed to be Seldoods, as Anticreature is a Nactoog and AntiInvo is Invisobill.