Arachnid Widow

Arachnids are another burn Archetype followed by the Element, Zode, Drincess, and Galaxy Archetypes introduced in the "Dark Rejects" set.

Tips and TricksEdit

Using "Zode: Taurus" to get "No Limits" and "No Walls" then use "Arachnid: Recluse" and "Arachnid: Wanderer" to get "Spider Web" and contenue burning using "Arachnid: Widow"


  • The entire "Dark Rejects" set put Doodletones in his memory zone, and the Arachnids were Doodletones Arachniphobia.
  • Arachnids are obviously based on Spiders, but beyond that: they are based on some of the most poisonous spiders in the world.