Krieg Evolution

the BBW Archetype (Also known as the Battle-Brawler-Warrior) is an archetype introduced in the "Battler Combo" set. This archetype is souly Invo Hate, they are also the only archetype to use the Evolution function so far, but Doodle has planned more Evolution Archetypes.

Tips and TricksEdit

Search cards that can get you skill cards such as "Zode: Taurus" can be benifitial to get "Rank Up" and uses this to quicky get to the Warrior evolution to destroy Invos.


  • the BBW Archetype is the first Arhetype to get split into multiple groups, the second being the Otherworld Alienware VT Archetype.
  • This was the only Archetype to involve invos that was in the in development stage, but this is because Invo Hate was not there original purpose, there original purpose was Doodle Hate.