Blindmans Ruler

Blindmans were introduced in "Dark Rejects" who only have 1 purpose: Swarm. As of the "Blinding Strike" update, Blindmen have gained the strategy of getting hand advantage over their opponent.

Tips and TricksEdit

Blindmans pretty much play from the deck, rarely from the hand so adding cards like "No Limits" is unecessary and "No Walls" is unecessary since you have "Blindman's Cheat". As of the "Blinding Strike" update you can add the Almighty Pencil cards in the deck since "Blindman's Thief" is an excellent draw engine.

In the Comic...Edit

In the Doodles Online Card Game Comic Susanne plays a Blindmen deck built around summoning "The Blindman". Which had pretty much costed her the game against Doodle's God deck because she did not run any Quop cards (because Quops aren't invented yet in the comic) showing that Blindmen can be pretty self-reliant on Quop monsters.


  • Blindmans were actually made as a fan made YuGiOh card Doodletones made when he was a kid. (~Doodletones)
  • Blindmans, with Puppets, Alienware VT, and Seldood is one of the first Archetypes to have a Quop.

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