Doodle Archetype Spotlight - Chaos04:05

Doodle Archetype Spotlight - Chaos

Official Spotlight


Chaos Summon

Chaos's were introduced in the "Summoner Rifts" and are confirmed to only be seen in this set. The strategy is to use "Chaos Summon" to summon the new Summonable type cards also introduced in this set. There are a claimed 3 builds for this deck, the Recycle build (Tau), Power build (Morgoth), and a destruction build (Typhon).

Tips and TricksEdit

As soon as Chaos monsters get sent to the grave, you then can remove them to use the effects, so using A Hole can send them to the grave. And using Hand Virus, Playbill - No , Playbill - No W, and Playbill Ardent Forest can send them directly to the discard. Using Quops can also help for Quopbeast can summon 2 monsters and then, by using the effect of Chaos Summon to bounce it back into the deck, you are able to forever spam Quopbeast.


  • The Chaos monsters are based on the 10 Chaotic dieties
    • With that said, Chaos Morgoth is based on Morgoth from "Lord of the Rings"
  • Doodletones refers to Chaos as "Another Fruity Loop" as a reference to the fruity archetypes' Fruity: Booburry and Fruity: Graburry loop.

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