Drincess Jas

Drincess Jas

Drincess is an archetype introduced in "Blocky Doodles" and have had one card come out for its Archetype in the "Checkmate" and "Archetype Update" sets. This Archetype is souly based on switching Doodles on your side of the field from Defensive to Offensive to burn your opponent.

Tips and TricksEdit

The card "Tap" can really speed up the burn process of this deck. Quantity can also benifit to the deck, so swarming can also speed up the decks burn capabilities.


  • Drincesses are spoof references to Fairy Tale Princesses, Cindy is Cinderella, Jas is Jasmine, and Snow is Snow White.
  • Doodletones plan for Drincesses is to come out with one each set that they come out, that way he doesnt see these types of decks speed up any time soon.
  • Drincesses were the newest Archetype to come out in Development.