Exploding Fuzzball

Exploding Fuzzball

The Exploding Archetype is an archetype introduced in the "Blocky Doodles" set but became an official Archetype in the "Blinding Strike" set, this Archetype destroys the field and recycles other "Exploding" cards including "Exploding Fuzzball".

Tips and TricksEdit

"Exploding" monsters have no attack power so thus, they cannot do terribly much more than kill the feld, if you use cards like "Nactoog" (and maybe some "Nactoog Toys") you may be able to attack and deal damage.


  • The names of the cards in this Archetype are the four card suits: Diamond, Club, Heart, and Spade.
  • "Exploding Fuzzball" was the original card in this archetype; shortly after "Puffball of Doom" was created, which is a recreation of "Exploding Fuzzball". "Imploding Cube" is also part of the Archetype, but not a recomended card.
  • "Exploding Fuzzball"s original name was "Tribble" as a joke to the Star Trek episode.
  • "Exploding Fuzzball" has the same effect as "Heavy Weight", "Black Hole", and "Puffball of Doom"