Hero Mop Man

Heroes are an Archetype introduced in the "Checkmate" Update which rely on using other Doodles to summon, this deck is usually a powerhouse and not much else.

Tips and TricksEdit

Usually, you would rely on "Power Up" but getting a search card to get the field card "Super Power Power" can help you get a large quantity of "Hero"es on the field. Also using "Hero Wonderdood" to recycle "Hero Dr. Dood" can help you never deck out.


  • Heroes (with the exception of "Hero Mop Man") are actually parodies of Marvel and DC Superheroes; Arachnid being Spider-Man, Wonderdood being Wonderwoman, Dr. Dood is Dr. Strange, etc.
  • "Hero Lair" shares a similar effect as "Cake Shield".