H.B. Toothy

Horrific Beast (or H.B.) is an Archetype introduced in the "Block Gods" update, these cards remove large ammounts of cards from the grave in order to summon them, they don't do much else but attack for a large ammount of attack points similar to that of "Gods" (with the exception of "H.B. Toothy")

Tips and TricksEdit

Horrific Beast require alot of cards in the grave, "H.B. Toothy" and "H.B. Blood Bath" require monsters to be removed, so mixing Horrific Beast with Blindman's, or Colours. Mixing "H.B. Drone" with Skillrays could be fun with how fast you can send Skills to your grave, and Serpant and Toothy or Blood Bath mixed with Fruity's could cause Serpant to gain a lot of offensive points, with H.B.s you should probably run cards like "Discarding Return", "Phobia: Acrophobia", and "Phobia: Coulrophobia" which is also nice since they are all Skills and so you can use those to summon Drone. You can also mix this deck with the Blindman archetype.