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Doodles CG is a card game created by a kid in her bedroom.


Doodles Online is an Online Card Game developed by Doodletones using the LackeyCCG client but he hopes to one day code her own version.

It all started in 2005 when Doodletones created a comic: Doodles. The comic was about his character Doodle and his many misadventures meeting new, awesome people like Jopenio, Sean, and Evo. No one really read her comics, because they never hit the internet, but by 2009, Doodletones had her Doodles noticed by some of his fellow classmates, and in 2011, Doodle had made his blog and where she kept some of her comic pages. Then, by the end of 2011, she stopped posting comics. Meanwhile, she was drawing up card ideas on index cards to create: The Doodles Card Game. She was inspired to create a card game by all the card games he played: Pokemon, YuGiOh, Magic, Chaotic, and even Duel Masters. No One cared to play it until early April 2012 where she finally got the idea that, people CAN like this game. So at the end of the school year, May 2012, the 15 year old set out to look for a good way to start making her card game, and by August 2012, she completed her first set of cards in the OCG: "Blocky Doodles". Using the LackeyCCG Client, Doodletones had created a game of which anyone can enjoy.

By the end of 2013 the card game kinda died down due to the fact hardly anyone but some of her friends knew of the card games existence, and the game was unbalanced and broken to the point it was out of control, and due to the knowledge no one was going to play the card game, Doodletones had stopped updating it, but has bounced around the idea of a reboot to the game with more balanced rules and cards.

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