Phobia: Arachniphobia

The Phobic Archetype is an archetype introduced and so far only seen in "The Archetype Update" these skill cards revive from the removed zone.

Tips and TricksEdit

Phobics are a great mix for the "Costume" update as Costumes remove themselves when destroyed, you may also use Phobics in "Horrific Beast" as "H.B. Toothy", "H.B. Servant", and "H.B. Blood Bath" remove monsters as "Phobia: Acrophobia" and "Phobia: Coulrophobia" revive monsters that were removed.


  • The obvious reference is that all the Phobics are all Phobias to different things, Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns, Arachniphobia is the fear of Spiders, and Acrophobia is the fear of Heights.
    • Adding to this, Doodle has both Arachniphobia and Acrophobia. He does not have Coulrophobia though.