Puppet Master

Puppets are a defensive Archetype introduced in the "Invo Rising" update. The main strategy of this deck is to get "Puppet Master" in your hand to activate the Puppets abilities.

Tips and TricksEdit

As of the "New Year" update, puppets may want "Puppet Ruler" on the field at all times. When "Puppet Ruler" is on the field, your "Puppet" monsters gain 200 defensive points. "Puppet Ruler" can also start you off on getting "Puppet Master" in your hand.


  • These cards were originally going to be a pure invo archetype. But Doodle decided against it and made them spammable monsters instead, but "Puppet King" and "Puppet Joe" were added later as the invo support.
  • "Puppet Jain" was supposed to give 40 defensive points.
  • Originally these cards were going to be a joke on the Star Trek Borgs, but Doodle decided Puppets are cooler. So instead of making "The Mastermind" part of the deck, Doodle made "The Puppeteer" which is now known as "Puppet Master".
  • This is Doodles second favorite deck, oddly enough, Doodle calls it the "Weakest Archetype in Doodles"