Quoptype 1: Zan

Quoptype cards were released in the "Replacement" update, they are the first Quop exclusive archetype, they are extra support to a specific 3 Archetypes.

Tips and TricksEdit

mixing these in a deck are generally a bad idea, but if you were, you would have to mix many archetypes together.


  • all Quoptype cards have shortened names, Naut is "AstroNAUT" and Tech is based on "TECHnology".

List of SupportEdit

The list below is the list of all decks Quoptypes support.

Number Name of Quoptype Support1 Support2 Support3
1 tarZAN Nactoog Anidood Blocky
2 astroNAUT Zode Galaxy Planetoid
7 creaTIVe Aut Puppet Playbill
8 TECHnology Tech Android DG
13 DOODle Doodle Sistadood Seldood
16 SPIRIT Spiritual B Shinto Zode