Roodle: Awpn

Roodles are an archetype introduced in the "Checkmate" set. There base strategy is to draw and keep one another Immortal while preventing "Roodle King" from dying.

Tips and TricksEdit

With how many times you get extra draws with "Roodle Awpn"s you may require some way of recycling or some form of quick winning, "Add to the Stack", "Skillray: Teser", or the "Almighty Pencil" set can be benifitial to the deck from decking itself out.


  • Roodles names are rearranged versions of Chess pieces, Awpn is Pawn, Sibpoh is Bishop, Oork is Rook, etc.
  • "Roodle Queen"s original name in development was "Roodle Eequn"