The Vortex

Vortex Troopers (or VT) is a Multiple group based Archetype introduced in the "New Year" set. The strategy bases around the "Alienware" Group which is an equipment group, this can be done by using "VT Corporal", "VT General", "VT Major", "VT Private", "Otherworld Aqthdjhg", "Otherworld Bjeerkvan", and "Otherworld Vaxqybm".

Tips and TricksEdit

Using "VT Corporal", "VT General", "VT Major", "VT Private", "Otherworld Aqthdjhg", "Otherworld Bjeerkvan", or "Otherworld Vaxqybm" can speed up the getting of the Alienware cards of which then, you can use the rest of the discarding / destroying abilities to swarm, destroy the field, also. Using the Maneuver Tactics group can help when attacking. And if you can: bring out "Rreqesr Alien Warrior" for a 300 attacker, to bring out more Alienware cards onto the field.


  • The VT Archetype has a combination of groups with the VT, Otherworld, Maneuver Tactics, Alienware groups with "Rreqesr Alien Warrior" and "The Vortex".
  • The VT archetype is the second archetype to use Multiple groups, the first being the BBW Archetype.