Doodle Archetype Spotlight - Zodes02:33

Doodle Archetype Spotlight - Zodes

Official Spotlight



Zodes are an Archetype introduced in the "Archetype Update" set. The archetype swarms, burns, and searches.

This Archetype is talked about alot in the small community that is Doodles Online. Known as the "Wind-Ups of Doodles (G3)", "The destruction of my card game (Doodletones)", and "the most unfair advantage to all who use it (Chuppy)"

Tips and TricksEdit

A Main strategy in Zodes is to use "Zode: Scorpio" or "Legend of the Scorpion" to consistant burn while you swarm the field.


  • Zode is short for "Zodiac" which is fitting because the names of Zodes are based on the Zodiac Signs (Aries, Leo, Capricorn, etc.)
  • Zodes is so far the only Archetype to win 3 Doodle tournaments in a row.
  • Zodes are the only Archetype Doodletones regrets making.

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